Governor Godwin Obaseki’s plan to renovate over 200 schools is well underway, as renovation work can be seen already in schools across the state. The renovation work is part of the overall vision of Governor Obaseki to reposition basic education for improved outcome, with the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) leading the charge. The government is committed to providing a conducive learning environment for pupils and teachers across the state.

In Edo North, while some schools are still undergoing renovation, others have been completed and this has made learning very easy for primary school pupils. Obe Primary School, formerly known as St, Theresa’s Catholic Primary School of one of those schools currently undergoing renovation, the previously dilapidated and decayed structures are currently being renovated. This is in a bid to create a conducive and convenient learning environment for the pupils to facilitate learning and understanding, it’s also to create an enabling working environment for the teachers so they can discharge their duties effectively and efficiently.

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